CA 7th Grade Robotics Wiki-

"Be creative, have fun, help your friends with their programming and building!"


Course Objective:
Students will learn to build, design, and program an external device from their Tablets PC to accomplish motion tasks.

The learning objectives for this lesson are that students will be able to:
- build a robot
- program a robot from a drag and drop interface on their computer
- accomplish tasks associated with the movement and use of sensors on a robot
- re-design a robot to meet a specified task

I. Robotics Unit Classroom Organization:

Needed: Digital Camera (1/Team), Photobucket Account (1/Team)

1. Students were divided into 5-6 teams per class (3 students per team) and after doing some basic building using the Lego Creator packs, the students built the basic Lego Mindstorms NXT chassis. EACH TEAM WILL NEED A DIGITAL CAMERA. THE CAMERA SHOULD BE CAPABLE OF PHOTOS AS WELL AS VIDEO WITH SOUND. THE DOWNLOAD CORD WILL BE NEEDED.
2. Using the chassis, students then started "solving" certain programming and building challenges using the Lego Mindstorms NXT software and kit.
3. Each student within a group was asked to participate in all phases of the building and programming. For every challenge, a different student in each group was the "programmer" for the challenge.

II. Rules:

1. Each student is asked to participate in all phases of the unit: building, programming, testing, and wiki documentation.
2. When contributing to the wiki, you must contribute under your OWN account and on your OWN tablet PC. The history of the wiki will be checked frequently to account for contributions by students.
3. If you use images from the web or resources from the web, you must cite them using David Warlick's Citation Machine. Use MLA format.

III. Procedures:

1. Obtain the challenge
2. Copy the challenge template in your wiki space and begin completing it. BE CREATIVE!
3. Build your robot to meet the challenge
4. Create the programming to make the challenge (make sure to take screen shots of your final code for the wiki)
5. Test
6. Demonstrate that you have met the challenge to Ms. Todd
7. Complete your wiki challenge entry for that specific challenge! Again, be creative!

Multimedia Thoughts re: Mindstorms: Videos that show your robot making the challenge, interviews with team members, screencasts, etc.