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If we drag the (touch) sensor to the field, we can look at the attributes that can be changed. What can be changed? How can you program it?
Whether it is pressed, released or bumped.

How do I get rid of this block?
Pick, it up, drag it to the side, and press delete.

Choose ultrasonic sensor. Tell us what attributes can be changed with ultrasonic sensor: distance, unit, greater than or less than (symbols).
Until means: it will do not do something until this happens.
What does it mean when something is greater to or less than?
Let’s say the robot gets within less than 1 cm of something, it will signal it.
Chose light sensor - generate light, cannot change units
Choose sound sensor – greater than or less than: sound greater than or less than a certain sound, it will chose something.
Can you choose different sounds? Not with the sound sensor (whistle)
What is firmware? Firmware is the program that is embedded into a device. Firmware is what is actually running the device, talking between the components in the device. When we update firmware that firmware which is a type of software is going into robot, helping to coordinate sensor with processor.